CubCrafters1/28/2010 Yakima, WA - The Aviation Consumer 2009 Product of the Year is getting a name change. For 2010 the CubCrafters SUPER SportCub becomes the Carbon Cub SS.

With the name change, the airplane that put CubCrafters at the forefront of the Light Sport Category is appropriately tied to its legacy, the spectacular proof-of-concept Carbon Cub first presented at the 2007 Alaska State Aviation Trade Show and Conference (and one week later at the Valdez STOL competition) where it amazed and delighted onlookers with its phenomenal performance. (Numerous articles and press). The SUPER Sport Cub was the follow-on production model of the Carbon Cub.

Since its introduction in April of 2009 the SUPER SportCub has garnered superlative reviews culminating in Aviation Consumer’s Gear of the Year award. It is the first and only 180 horsepower LSA – a true game-changer in this exciting category of aircraft.

In the June, 2009 review of the SUPER SportCub, The Aviation Consumer said it “…provides a quantum leap in takeoff and climb performance. And leap isn’t much of an exaggeration.” Describing the Product of the Year, they called the airplane “in a league unto itself.”

CubCrafters General Manager Randy Lervold comments, “The name Carbon Cub speaks to the legacy of the original proof-of-concept model and the innovative design goals it achieved. Thanks to CAD engineering and extensive use of the latest high-tech materials, it has set new standards for airframe strength and weight reduction. Adding the extraordinarily powerful new CC340 engine resulted in the highest performing and fun to fly LSA available.”

In addition to the name change, the Carbon Cub SS now sports several other changes including exterior carbon fiber trim pieces, spinner and induction tunnel and a freshened interior decor with carbon fiber panels and new colors. Also available is a new “Performance Black” paint scheme.


CubCrafters is located in Yakima, Washington and was founded in 1980 by current owner Jim Richmond. In 2007, CubCrafters was issued a FAA Production Certificate and is currently the only aircraft manufacturer in the nation to produce both standard category and light sport category aircraft under an FAA-approved quality assurance program. CubCrafters’ roots are in the 60-year history of classic “taildragger” aviation, but its products and services are clearly at the leading edge of technology, utilizing CAD-based design and engineering, CNC tooling and fabrication, lean-manufacturing, and award-winning tube and fabric aircraft restoration.

CubCrafters offers three all new, ready-to-fly aircraft: The SPORT CUB S2 is a thoroughly updated redesign of the classic airplane that inspired the light sport category. The CARBON CUB SS is a stronger and more powerful version of the S2, with 180 horsepower available for take-off and climb, making it the most powerful LSA aircraft in production. The TOP CUB boasts a useful load of over 1000 pounds, making it among the most capable two-place personal and utility aircraft available. CubCrafters also offers the CARBON CUB EX, the lightest, most complete and best engineered Cub kit available.

CubCrafters, under the banner CubCrafters Services, is the recognized authority for re-building and modifying PA-18 Super Cubs and similar aircraft, and it stocks a broad range of STCs, PMA’d parts and modification kits for the existing fleet.

CubCrafters Partners is the organization’s group of preferred vendor, maintenance and training suppliers while Cub- Crafters Resale is the pre-owned aircraft sales unit specializing in Cub, Super Cub and similar aircraft.

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