Remos AircraftFreeport, Bahamas December 23, 2010 – Earle Boyter, Marketing Director for REMOS Aircraft, flew one of the 17 Light Sport Aircraft that took off from Fort Lauderdale for the Grand Bahamas International Airport on December 10th. Their destination was the first three-day International Sport Pilot Fly-In. “It was a very successful beginning for a weekend of recreational activities that would be hard to top anywhere else,” said Boyter. REMOS Aircraft was a co-sponsor of the event. After filling out a variety of official forms, the group launched at 11:30 am, crossed the Florida shoreline and headed out over the open ocean. The loose formation was in contact with Miami Center until about 15 miles out from Grand Bahamas, at which time they switched over to approach. “No one got wet,” said Boyter. “Everyone landed safely. The department of Tourism met us on the ramp with a cool refreshing Bahama Mama  and fresh conch fritters and we all relaxed very quickly.”

The pilots were whisked through customs and Taxis were waiting to take them to the Our Lucaya Resort Hotel. For the remainder of Friday, all day Saturday and on Sunday morning the group took advantage of a wide range of recreational activities. Many of them went back to the airport and took off for flights to sightsee around Freeport and some of the other islands. “I believe it was a discovery flight for a lot of the pilots,” said Boyter. “They were learning about the kind of fun you can have with an LSA. Flying over the water was no big deal; in fact I am pretty sure the airplanes didn’t know the difference.” Boyter said he did carry a life raft and life jackets in his REMOS. “We’re looking forward to participating in other activities like this,” he said.

REMOS Aircraft is a leading manufacturer in Light Sport Aircraft. The REMOS GX was designed and is produced in Pasewalk, Germany. Stringent design, quality and precision standards, a hallmark of German engineering, assures owners of superior performance, handling, and reliability. With over 300 aircraft flying worldwide, REMOS leads the industry in low maintenance, superb flying and high resale value. For more information visit: or call 1.479.246.0045.