Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) Comparisons

In the US, the FAA says that a Light Sport Aircraft meets the following conditions.

  • A Simple, low-performance, low-energy aircraft including airplanes, gliders, gyroplanes, balloons, airships, weight-shift control (trikes), and powered parachutes.  Having a maximum weight of 1,320 pounds (1,430 pounds seaplanes).
  • A Single reciprocating engines (which includes diesel and rotary engines, but does not allow jet engines).  A Maximum stall speed of 45 knots (52 mph with no lift-enhancing devices).  A Maximum top speed of 120 knots (138 mph).
  • Fixed landing gear (except if equipped with amphibious floats, which can be repositionable once in flight).
  • Fixed-pitch propeller (unless equipment is ground-only repositionable).









ACS ACS-100 Sora Composite Rotax 912 ULS   130 mph $75,000  
AMD Aircraft  Zodiac XL Aluminum  Continental 0-200  715 sm  130 mph  $79,900  SLSA 
AMD Aircraft  Patriot 150 Aluminum Continental 0-200 650 sm 118 mph   SLSA
American Legend Legend Cub  Tube/Fabric  Continental 0-200  315 sm  95 mph  $91,875 LSA 
CGS Aviation Hawk Aero II  Tube/Fabric Rotax 503  150 sm  70 mph  $45,000  SLSA 
CZAW Sport Cruiser  Aluminum  ROTAX 912 ULS  745 nm  125 mph    ELSA 
Flight Design CT  Carbon Fiber  ROTAX 912 ULS  1,000 nm  120 kts  $92,000  LSA 
MySky Aircraft MS-1 Carbon Fiber Jabiru 3300 636 nm 120 kts $124,500 LSA
Paradise Aircraft P-1 Aluminum Rotax 912 ULS 552 nm 112 kts   SLSA
Piper Aircraft PiperSport Aluminum ROTAX 912 ULS 600 nm 138 mph $119,900 LSA
Pipistrel Sinus Composite ROTAX 912 UL2 650 nm 118 kts €69,000 LSA
Pipistrel Virus Composite ROTAX 912 UL2   120 kts   LSA
Pipistrel Virus SW Compisite ROTAX 912 UL2   120 kts   LSA
Remos Aircraft G-3  Carbon Fiber  ROTAX 912 ULS 550 nm 113 kts  $99,500 LSA 
Prestige Aircraft  Storm Rally  Carbon Fiber  ROTAX 912 ULS  500 nm 107 kts    SLSA 
Prestige Aircraft  Storm Century  Aluminum  ROTAX 912 ULS2  800 nm 110 kts    LSA 
Prestige Aircraft  SeaStorm  TBD  ROTAX 912 ULS  800 nm 105 kts  TBD  TBD
SkyLeader Aircraft SkyLeader 500 Aluminum ROTAX 912 ULS 547 nm 120 kts $128,950 SLSA
Tecnam P92E Super  Aluminum  ROTAX 912 ULS2  400 nm  114 kts  $90,718  SLSA 
Tecnam  P2004 Bravo  Aluminum  ROTAX 912 ULS2  633 nm  116 kts  $95,006  SLSA 
Tecnam  P2002 Sierra  Aluminum  ROTAX 912 ULS2  633 nm  116 kts  $97,150  SLSA 
Texas Sport Acft Texas Sport  Tube/Fabric  Continental 0-200  325 sm  111 mph  $37,600  ELSA 

Comparison data is for "base" or "entry" level model and does not take into account available options or additional packages that may be available.  Pricing is as listed from manufacturer or authrorized reseller.  Pricing differences may exist.

Performance, specifications, and pricing is updated as information is made available.  Please contact the LSANews.Com team if you have any questions, new information or would like additional information included within the LSA News LSA Comparisons.